Bottle/Vial Washing Machine

Bottle/Vial Washing Machines are among the most important and necessary machines for any pharmaceutical industries. In any pharmaceutical industries the sterile pharmaceutical preparations like injections are to filled in glass vials. To make these preparations effective for use, these vials should be properly cleaned before filling. However, cleaning these vials properly can be a challenging task if done manually. And there, Bottle/Vial Washing Machines plays an important role.

At Pooja Pharma Machinery, we fulfil your need to get the best quality Vial Washing Machines for your industry. We have a wide range of Bottle Washing Machines available for different types of applications depending upon the requirement of industries. These washing machines are of superior quality and specifications that comes with some advance features to perfectly clean vials and bottles.

Being one of the leading Pharmaceutical Machinery suppliers, we have a complete range of washing machines available in our inventory to serve different washing applications on industries. Our product range includes Semi-Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing tools, Automatic Linear Tunnel type Bottle Washing Machine, Automatic External Vial Washing Machine, Automatic High-Speed Inverted type Airjet Cleaning instrument and Automatic High-Speed Inverted type Airjet Cleaning tools.

All of the machines are highly capable of doing its task perfectly. They feature easier operation and have low maintenance cost. They are capable of washing different types and sizes of vials depending upon the requirements. One of the best features of these machines are they completely wash the bottles/vials from inside as well as outside the body to ensure total cleaning. Also, these machines come with water recycling management that recycles water to wash vials and ensures no extra wastage of water.

Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

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